Hotel Excelsior Bari


Mine Vaganti by Ferzan Ozpetek on stage in Bari

Ferzan Ozpetek signs his first theatrical direction staging the adaptation of one of his cinematographic masterpieces. The young Tommaso returns to the large family home in Lecce with the intention of communicating to the diverse clan of relatives who he really is; a homosexual with literary ambitions and not a good off-site economics student as everyone believes. But his revelation is burned over time by an even more unexpected and shocking revelation of his brother Antonio. Tommaso is forced to stop in Lecce, review his plans and fight for the truth, against a family world full of contradictions and secrets.
from thursday 30 January to sunday 2 February 2020
Bari (Bari)
Piccinni Theater
Corso Vittorio Emanuele I
h. 21:00 (Domenica ore 18:00)
entrance fee
Info. 080 5212484

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