Hotel Excelsior Bari

Security protocols - Anti COVID-19 measures.

Especially now, we want to travel for work or for pleasure and we would like to get back to normality.

The safety of our guests and our colleagues is the most important thing and in all areas of the hotel we adopt scrupulously all anti-contagion measures.

Our security protocol- Anti Covid
Internal staff
Every day, at the beginning of our shift, we will check our body temperature by thermo-scanner.
Each employee will have a specific register.
In addition our employees will receive a PPE handover report and an information/ training report.
Outsourcing staff and external suppliers
All employees of the companies in outsourcing and all employees of the companies/ external suppliers will check their body temperature by thermo-scanner with a specific register. There will be a specific entrance.
During the booking process, our guests have to send their identity card.
During check-in we will do a quick and simple check in order to avoid the physical contact.
We will check the body temperature of the guests by thermo-scanner with a specific register.
Without all unnecessary accessories, you will find a simple QR code with all services and all useful information.
Using this QR code, you can order breakfast or lunch/dinner in our Farhà Restaurant or you can choose the room service.
The keys of each room will be sanitized with specific products.
The cleanliness of the room, carried out by a external company, will be done according to the new standards provided by the current rules.
The cleanliness finish with a passage of hydrogen peroxide.
In the room you will find a mask in the specific bag and hand- sanitizing gel, free of charge.
Lobbby and common spaces
A dedicated entrance, a dedicated exit; in order to avoid gatherings of people, favouring the social distance.
At reception you will find the station of the check-in and the station of check-out.
In the entire hotel, from the lobby to the bathrooms passing through the corridors, you will find the hand-sanitizing gel.
If you need some masks, the reception is at your disposal.
Our staff sanitize constantly all common spaces with the hydrogen peroxide .
Following all directives provided by the current rules and favouring the social distance, it is possible to organise your business meetings in a safe way, according to the standards of the Excelsior Hotel Bari.
The restaurant will follow the high standards of cleanliness and safety provided by the current rules and the qualitative standards provided by business processes.
The Farhà restaurant
The Farhà restaurant is ready to welcome you following the current provisions with regard to social distance and sanitization.
It is possible to consult and order using our menù à la carte, with a specific QR code.

The use of the gym is guaranteed according to the manner provided by the current rules regarding the social distance and the sanitization procedures.

is a protocol elaborated by Federalberghi in order to protect the health of the guests and the employees ensuring the safety for all buildings, at the same time preserving the traditional spirit of hospitality typical for the italian Hotel offer.